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Process design and automation need not cost an arm and…  Well that would be too costly already.  Process automation need not be a new software solution.  Most companies already own the software necessary to automate.

We aim to first understand your business almost as well as you do, and then to design processes which fit the current needs while making sure they fit the future vision of the company as well.  Processes, or standard operating procedures (SOPs), should work manually before automating them.  If we automate a poor process then we just arrive at the incorrect action faster.

Most companies are able to collect data across the company but few know how to derive benefit from it.  Creating processes that use data analysis in their procedures enhances their outputs.

I am Grant Evans, a serial entrepreneur and lecturer in finance, statistics, business analytics and operations management at the University of Stellenbosch Business School and USB Executive Development.  I have a passion for streamlining businesses through process design and automation supported by sound data analytics.

I have seen far too many medium to large businesses that have grown organically and have disparate systems and processes which hinder the efficiency of the company’s outputs.  If you fit the bill, lets chat.  If you reach me through the Africa Virtual Trade Fair then I am willing to give you 2 free hours of my time to analyse and provide a guide to designing a more efficient and effective business.  A virtual cup-o-coffee.  No strings attached.