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Water-to-Go Bottle: See us drink water right from the Hartbeespoort dam & not get sick with this filter bottle - Learn More

Bucket Filter: Fit 300,000 litres of clean water in the palm of your hand - Learn More

P&G Water Purification Saches: Find out how this 50g packet turns 10 litres of filthy water into safe, clean, potable water - Learn More

See our entire range of water filtration & purification products here

Aquatabs 67mg Tabs: Disinfect a 20 litre bucket of water or make sanitizer from these - Learn More

Aquatabs Flo: Disinfect you water (for less than R0.01/Litre) as it comes into your Jojo tank - Learn More

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Alex: +27 82 307 0459

Welcome to our Virtual Exhibition Stand!

Thank you for visiting us at our virtual stand at the Virtual Trade Fair. Our stand above functions much the same as a regular expo stand minus the hassle of you needing to go to the venue to see it.

Below are some tips to make navigating our stand a breeze:

  • Rotate your screen for the best viewing experience on mobile devices.
  • You will see the small red circles located on the Virtual Stand. These have info about who we are and how we can help you.
  • If you move your mouse pointer over any of the circles (or tap and hold if on a mobile device) and an info box will appear letting you know what you will be getting once you have clicked.

It is literally as simple as that! 

Not Your Average Plumbing Store ...

Our store’s aim is to find items that are not necessarily found in the large retail chain outlets by sourcing them wherever we can and bringing them to you at the best possible prices. We started out with our store with Lorenzetti’s range of electric shower heads (they can save you between 20% -50% on your electrical bill every month), and now we have moved heavily into water purification and filtration.

Our water filtration & purification products can clean anywhere from 10 liters all the way up to 360,000 litres. Our one handheld filter will clean up to an astounding 300,00 litres before you need to replace it. Best of all it cost less than a tank of petrol.