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CONFIDENT TEENS MATHS TUITION is about giving TEENS back the CONFIDENCE to do MATHS . | [email protected] | Sue: +27 74 180 2097

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Sue: +27 74 180 2097

Confident Teens Maths Tuition - Booth

Welcome to our Virtual Exhibition Stand!

Thank you for visiting us at our virtual stand at the Virtual Trade Fair. Our stand above functions much the same as a regular expo stand minus the hassle of you needing to go to the venue to see it.

Below are some tips to make navigating our stand a breeze:

  • Rotate your screen for the best viewing experience on mobile devices.
  • You will see the small blue circles located on the Virtual Stand. These have info about who we are and how we can help you.
  • If you move your mouse pointer over any of the circles (or tap and hold if on a mobile device) and an info box will appear letting you know what you will be getting once you have clicked.

It is literally as simple as that! 

Why Should Your Child Attend Confident Teens Maths Tuition?

To make teens feel sure of themselves as they tackle each Maths problem and in so doing develop a love for the subject! To create an environment that is FUN, INCLUSIVE, ENGAGING, THOUGHT PROVOKING and gives teens a sense of Maths achievement!

Starting Maths tuition earlier in the year helps to address learners’ problem areas before the stress of the year and new work sets in. It encompasses an understanding of the learner and his or her needs. Getting them to love, understand and have fun with Maths.